Trouble with "losing" your badges

Hello to All & Hope everyone is staying well. I’ve been with “WEGO HEALTH” for at least 3 or 4 years. I started the Patient Leader courses etc. Somehow when I previously was either nominated for an Award or ask to Judge before, I must have made a new account. I was “up to needing 2 more levels” to be “VIP”. I was on “Rockstar”. Well, my computer did a major update & when it cam back up, it had “lost” some of my open pages I was signed in to. When i signed back in, now I am only on “Insider”… not near Rockstar. I had taken several courses & put lots of time into getting as far as i did. Now, even under the “3 names” I have listed not one has me as “Rockstar”. I really don’t want to spend hours redoing those courses & all to be able to be almost back to VIP. i have talked to WEGO & they did some merging, but it did not get my badges etc portion under any name. Has anyone else ran into this & if so did you ever find a way to fix it? I’ve spent hours trying to “find” this. Thanks, Pam

This happened to me as well. I had a computer crash and received the dreaded blue screen. I Eve I got new laptop I noticed some of my badges were gone not all of them but I had the 5000 badge and somehow I now need 2000 more to reach it again.